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          northampton school for boys

          northampton school for boys

          Values & Ethos

          northampton school for boys has a proud tradition of excellence since 1541.  the school is at the forefront of education in the town and county, and has provided many leaders in the worlds of education, science, business, commerce, sport, music and politics.  the school is an independent academy which is a teaching school. girls are admitted to the sixth form.  the ethos of the school has evolved over many years.  this document sets out our aims and how we intend to achieve them.  it encapsulates what makes nsb a very special place in which to work – as a student or an adult.

          our aim:

          ... is to provide a broad educational experience that enables every child to achieve their maximum potential both academically and personally, and which prepares them for a successful adult life.

          our ethos:

          we believe:

          • that there is a distinct approach to learning that benefits young boys
          • that competition is a valuable lever to drive up standards
          • that hard work never hurt anyone; boys need to be kept busy
          • that leadership skills exist in everyone, but need nurturing
          • that self-confidence is key to improving self-esteem
          • that concern for self should be replaced with concern for others
          • that everyone is deserving of respect, free from all forms of bullying
          • that everyone is entitled to a safe and secure learning environment
          • that every student is entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum which makes them an independent learner and maximizes their opportunities beyond school
          • that engaging young people in our co-curriculum - a wide range of experiences beyond the classroom - develops ‘the whole person’, fosters good relations between staff and students, forges teamwork, and provides a sense of enjoyment and fulfilment
          • that girls in the sixth form benefit from and greatly contribute to our overall ethos.

          our values:

          we will promote:

          • high expectations of all stakeholders in our school community
          • the highest standards of behaviour
          • smart appearance, believing it to be an important component of self-respect
          • hard work and commitment in the classroom and beyond
          • celebration of success at all level
          • high levels of engagement with the school community and with what we provide
          • a spirit of adventure, but with respect for health, safety and well-being
          • openness, transparency, honesty and integrity – trust in each other
          • humility and dignity – in both victory and defeat
          • perseverance in the face of adversity
          • respect, tolerance, kindness and understanding towards all others
          • celebration of the diversity of our community
          • co-operation and a willingness to work with others for the common good
          • celebration of our traditions – a respect for the past.
          northampton school for boys, billing road, northampton, nn1 5rt
          01604 230240

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