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          northampton school for boys

          northampton school for boys

          careers information

          careers education information and guidance at northampton school for boys

          mission statement

          the purpose of careers education, information, advice and guidance at northampton school for boys is to provide a whole school and community approach to engage all students in years 7 to 13 in learning about the world of work.

          we aim to enable young people to make confident and well informed decisions about their futures through a structured programme of ceiag. this will support and empower young people to manage their own careers learning through

          • understanding their own strengths and weaknesses.
          • developing their decision making skills.
          • learning about the labour market and options post 16.
          • finding out how to research careers information.
          • gaining an awareness of how to make successful transitions at key points throughout education and beyond
          • discovering how to gain a competitive edge through the development of work skills; enterprise activities; voluntary opportunities; work placements and meeting a wide range of local and national employers and agencies.
          • one to one careers guidance with an in-house careers adviser – all students in years 10 and 11 are offered a 45 minute appointment in the first instance. sixth formers access support as and when they need it. lunch time drop-ins are available every day and all students are entitled to book an appointment.

          all students are monitored by the careers adviser when making the transition from year 11 onwards. this ensures that nobody is neet, and also lets our young people know they can come to us for help.

          all students in year 10 will complete a work experience placement during enterprise week in october.

          all students in years 9-13 attend careers fairs organised by the school

          the school adheres to the gatsby benchmarks for ceaig to ensure all students receive the best start and we work in partnership with a wide range of employers, colleges, universities and agencies.

          northampton school for boys works in partnership with semlep (to ensure breadth of opportunities for our students. www.semlep.com

          the careers adviser at northampton school for boys is:

          naomi shaeffer
          01604 230240

          updates and information

          nsb careers in on twitter @nsbcareeradvice

          career news bulletin - 16th july 

          career news bulletin - 15th july

          career news bulletin - july 2020

          career news bulletin - june 2020

          finding futures presents its inaugural free digital careers magazine, ‘futures’, aimed at 15-18 year olds across northamptonshire. jam packed full of careers resources and support, including covid’s impact on the local workforce, lmi from local businesses, support for better decision making, information on post 16 and 18 options: click here

          for any updates about how ncs will be delivered this summer please visit: www.wearencs.com

          medicspot innovation grant is open to all uk students who will be going on to study a degree related to health, medicine, nursing or life sciences. this grant is run  annually, giving students £500 to help get them off to the best possible start: click here

          Free Study & Careers handbook magazine: click here

          year 10 and 11:  moulton college are offering free taster days during the school holidays. to book please visit: www.moulton.ac.uk

          summer schools for 15 -18: www.investin.org

          career experiences in stem this term: immersive career experiences in stem

          work experience week information for applicants 2020: click here

          useful resources 

          careermap.co.uk/careermag-students-teachers - a brilliant resource for students and parents that explains options at 16.

          nationalcareers.service.gov.uk- tel: 0800 100 900 a national careers guidance and information service for young people. it also has careers information, links to job profiles, cv builder and resources that would be useful for planning careers lessons. good for use with all year groups.

          www.gov.uk/topic/further-education-skills/apprenticeships - a comprehensive data base of apprenticeship opportunities. create an account to gain access to all the apprenticeship vacancies in your area and nationally.

          www.notgoingtouni.co.uk - the one stop shop for apprenticeships, gap years, distance learning and jobs.

          www.prospects.ac.uk - a comprehensive careers information website for those who wish to explore opportunities after university. the careers advice section is very good. go to "options with my subject".  it encourages young people to explore career ideas and look at related ideas.

          www.unitasterdays.com - information on taster days and workshops, open days, education fairs, residential events.

          www.ucas.com - the universities and colleges admissions service. everything you need to know about university and also higher level apprenticeships.

          www.university.which.co.uk - enter your predicted grades and the subject you would like to study for a list of potential universities.

          do-it.org- a national database of opportunities in voluntary work. just type in your postcode. many of these opportunities are for young people 18 or above. some opportunities for 16+. see miss shaeffer for advice.

          www.careersbox.co.uk - a careers video, news and information site to support awareness of labour market information.

          www.cascaid.co.uk - this careers site has lots of information and a quiz to match you to different career ideas. use the code openpost75 to create a login.

          www.northamptoncollege.ac.uk:  so many courses on offer. keep an eye on the open days to have a look around.

          www.moulton.ac.uk​​​​​:  find out about the courses available, open days and taster courses on offer.

          gap year - whether you are looking to learn a new language, explore unknown worlds or just have a break, the gap-year website has all the advice, tips, information and reference tools you need. //frontier.ac.uk/   //www.projects-abroad.co.uk/

          careeralchemy.co.uk. :  a resource for parents and teenagers to explore career options. have a look at their inspired teenager programme.




          northampton school for boys, billing road, northampton, nn1 5rt
          01604 230240

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